An update on our clinic

Our clinic has had some change recently with staffing, and we wanted to give you a little update.

Towards the end of 2020 we said goodbye to Dr Scott Pierce. We enjoyed our time getting to know him immensely. 

Our lovely nurse Annalise, who some of your may remember or not got the pleasure to meet, decided not to come back from her maternity leave. We wish them both the best!

Since then, we have hired two new employees.

Dr Ebeneze Spamers, our new vet. We are very excited to have on board and we think will be a great addition to our clinic. Ebeneze has been working with us since November 2020, some of you may have already been lucky enough to get to meet her. 

Our fixed term maternity cover nurse, Leah, has decided to stay with us! Leah has been at Cashmere for 3 years now. She took a short sabbatical, an then came back to cover Annalise. Luckily for us, she decided to stay when the position opened up full time!

The staff profile on our website should be updated shortly, so you can have a little read about the team.

Our last piece of news, is that our lovely nurse Melissa is about to go on maternity leave to have her first baby! We wish Melissa, her partner Shaun, and family all the very best! And we look forward to welcoming her back in 2021.