The new year is a great time for resolutions and new goals, it is also a great time to make sure your pet is set for the year ahead. We’ve created a handy check list to make sure your pet is set for 2020.

Does your pet have an up-to-date ID tag?

If your pet escapes on an impromptu adventure and is found by a stranger, having an up-to-date ID tag with your current information can ensure your pet is returned safely to you.

Is your pet microchipped?

Similarly, if your pet is found without an owner or ID tag and is handed in to your local veterinary clinic, shelter or council, a valid and functioning microchip is needed to confirm the identity of its owner and notify them. Not sure? Come in and let us check for you.

Is your pet registered with the council?

You may be fined if you pet is not registered with your local council. The benefits of registering your pet include the ease of reuniting pets with their owners and registration fee’s being used for maintenance and patrols of off leash parks and fenced dog parks, school education visits and other pet related council initiatives.

Book them in for an annual wellness check

Booking them in for their annual wellness check at the end/beginning of the year will make it easy to remember when they are due. Annual wellness checks are important as they help to detect and protect your pet from diseases and other health problems before they become bigger issues. Sometimes our pets can have underlying medical issues without showing any symptoms at all, which is why it is good to bring them in annually to ensure they are healthy and happy.

Start a schedule of flea and worming treatment

One of the most important parts of being a pet parent is making sure your furry family member is up to date on their flea and worming treatment.

Book in their annual booster vaccinations

Up-to-date vaccinations are crucial to maintaining your pet’s health and lifestyle. We recommended that you schedule at least one yearly veterinary appointment for your pet. This can be done during their annual wellness check.